Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things That Make You Go Yay (Follow up post)

And then.... I broke a g*d@mn nail.

Could this day get any worse?

Well, as it just so happened, no it didn't. In fact, it got a whole lots better.

In the mail a little package was waiting for me, some darling earrings from Lady Melbourne's Vintage Emporium - Hooray!

There were two pairs, one red (which I put on straight away) and one white.

And it got me thinking. This a little package in the mail lifted my spirits and made me smile.

So I thought I'd share the love with you, my dear reader.

In light of my confession of a fashion disaster in my previous post today (the one about the LBD and lack of Hollywood tape), I will award the best fashion disaster story with this gift from you to me:

In order for you to win these cute hoop earrings with heart, squiggles and pink details, leave your story in the comments section of this post, Then email your postal details to me at vintageverve@hotmail.com.

The winner will be chosen solely at my discretion and announced on Friday 5th December 2009 on this blog. My decision will be final and no discussion will be entered into.

My comments section is open to anyone and everyone so tell your friends! However I can only post these babies to addresses within Australia or New Zealand. Thank you for understanding.


Imelda Matt said...

Mc Hammer pants and Jesus sandals...nuff said!

LexieBoo said...

You want a personal fashion disaster story? Hmmm - now that would be telling wouldn't it. But all good fashionista's get it wrong at least once don't they.

For me it would havae to be back in my teen years when I was desperately trying to emulate anyone I thought was fashionable.

It consisted of me cutting off the sleeves of any business mans shirt (this was the 80s) and then wearing the shirt as either a dress or over jeans - suitable belted of course with whatever hideous thing I could find. I was very ahead of my time - oh so Patricia Field.

I look back now and cringe. The photos need to be burnt, the evidence of my fashion naivety sits in my mothers photo albums - she of course refuses to get rid of them. And so, it is with trepidation that each new boyfriend looks through the photos - and I wait (and it always arrives) for the laughter and finger pointing at what was my worst fashion mistake.

What was I thinking!

Rosey said...

When something so wrong becomes so right....

All I knew for sure was the color; I wanted to wear something soft lemon to a x-mas party a couple of years ago. I envisaged a dress; gorgeous, flowing, sexy and a bit querky, so I raided my cupboard in search of something to work with....(rather something that my miracle-worker dress maker could work with) I came across a fabulous vintage - lemon color - nightie(!) from the 50's that I had bought at Hunters and Gatherers years before. I took it to my dress maker and asked for an etherial, flowy yet sexy design and sketched it with lots of arm movements to support my vision. I bought some really good quality silk for the lining and she dutifully worked her magic. A week later I went back for a fitting and I've got to tell you, I was disappointed. As I took it off in the dressing room I noticed that the lining material and stitching was so immaculate - the inside was perfect!! I put on the dress inside out and it was STUNNING! In her 30 years as a dress-maker she had never made a dress perfect by turning it inside out! It was a one of a kind dress that stole the show on the night! Moral of the story - yes, buy that fabulous querky peice, have a goos dress maker and always spend money on good quality lining!!


Miss_Red said...

reiterating from my comment on the last post (should have read through first haha)
I went to the little girls room at Village Gold Class cinemas and was wearing the beautiful floaty skirt...which I somehow got tucked into my knickers and walked back to the cinema in the foyer area past a whole group of men with my butt showing (damn cheeky style undies!)
I was mortified to say the least!
Shame *shakes head*

esme and the lane way said...

Amazing earings!
And I sypathise with your tights-woe before... happened on my way home from work last Friday. As I was wearing shirts and v. high heels I felt a bit skanky-ho! Eek!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything horrific (at the moment!), but just wanted to say that those are truly beautiful earrings!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ah, so many. The most recent was wearing a big, flowing 50s skirt to a zoo in Nelson. I leaned over a fence to feed a lamb, and a gust of wind blew my skirt right up over my head, exposing my pink undies (with hearts on) to an entire class of school children who were there on a field trip. And it was an ALL BOYS SCHOOL. Gah! Awful. :)

The Paper Doll said...

Those are beautiful earrings from lady melbourne - fashion disaster story huh? Oh the stories i could tell like wearing pantyhose and a skirt and not wearing a slip so the skirt keeps getting stuck to your legs and riding up, all while i was graduating none the less. Walking down the street in a grad parade trying to make my skirt stay down and then parading across the stage to get my degree in front of about 2000 people while trying to keep my skirt from not sticking to my legs was awful. I was kind of holding the skirt out away from my legs which looked weird in itself.

Too Many Shoes said...

Imelda Matt & Lexie Boo - you have obviously been true style gurus for a very long time. Fashion comes in many guises and you are to be congratulated for recognising the styles of the times. No matter how embarrassing they are now. xx

Rosey, Great story with a happy ending. I love it.

Thank you Miss Corrine!

Esme & The Laneway, thanks for the empathy. I was so annoyed as I discovered my stocking run at the beginning of the day! Oh well :)

Miss Red - that is embarrassing, but I bet you gave those men a bit of a thrill (they seem to love the 'cheeky' underwear look!)

Cat of impossible colour - pink with hearts? How adorably cute! At least you weren't wearing huge nanna pants!

Ah, Paper Doll. That awful static cling! I'm sure the photos with your cap and gown turned out well though!

Thanks to you all for your comments!