Friday, December 5, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Thanks to all those who left me their fashion disaster stories over the last couple of days in response to this post.

As promised, I chose what I thought was the best fashion disaster story. You know what? It was a difficult choice!

There were some of you who wrote about the outfits you are now embarrassed about, but I don't think these were disasters. They were expressions of your influences and those of the times and should therefore be embraced - you were at the forefront of fashion at the time!

Although honourable mention must go to Cat of Impossible Colour, I have awarded Rosey my cute hoop earrings with heart, squiggles and pink details for her true fashion disaster, from which she recovered with true fashionista aplomb:
"When something so wrong becomes so right....

All I knew for sure was the color; I wanted to wear something soft lemon to a x-mas party a couple of years ago. I envisaged a dress; gorgeous, flowing, sexy and a bit quirky, so I raided my cupboard in search of something to work with....(rather something that my miracle-worker dress maker could work with) I came across a fabulous vintage - lemon color - nightie(!) from the 50's that I had bought at Hunters and Gatherers years before.

I took it to my dress maker and asked for an ethereal, flowy yet sexy design and sketched it with lots of arm movements to support my vision. I bought some really good quality silk for the lining and she dutifully worked her magic.

A week later I went back for a fitting and I've got to tell you, I was disappointed. As I took it off in the dressing room I noticed that the lining material and stitching was so immaculate - the inside was perfect!!
I put on the dress inside out and it was STUNNING! In her 30 years as a dress-maker she had never made a dress perfect by turning it inside out! It was a one of a kind dress that stole the show on the night! Moral of the story - yes, buy that fabulous quirky piece, have a good dress maker and always spend money on good quality lining!! "

Congratulations Rosey, these babies are coming your way:

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