Monday, December 19, 2011

My Goodness What a Year!

I know that many of you would have given up on me ever returning to the blogging world and I feel terrible for having neglected you for so long....
My world has been rather a whirlwind of late. It may have had something to do with the following arrivals within 14 and a half months:
Yes, I have been rather busy kittens!
I have two beautiful additions to my family - which means that vintage clothing has been hanging, unworn in my wardrobe for some time. Oh, how I've yearned for the waistline to be able to fit into my vintage dresses again.

However, as my latest arrival is only 14 weeks old, you will understand that I am now in possession of some extra curves on my already established ones! But I live in the real world too, so I'm not overly concerned and in the mean time, I've "made do" with this gorgeous number by my new favourite dress maker: Grace of Autumn

So my promise to you is to update more regularly, share my latest handmade, vintage or wonderful new discoveries as I am even more exposed to them now I am officially a Vintage Style Mamma!

Christmas kisses, Kittens!