Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nifty Thrifty

When browsing at the Camberwell Market on the weekend, I spied a cute little red linen cropped jacket hanging in a stall. Its vibrant colour caught my eye and I thought it would go well with a camisole, jeans and red heels:

It nips in at the waist and is almost like a vest with capped sleeves. Best of all, it fit me perfectly! $12? Who could say no???? Certainly not me!

Then, as I was about make off with my newly found treasure, I spied something else in a similar hue of red, with some embroidered coconut palms:

I unfolded what I thought was part of vintage table cloth to find out it was, in fact, a great 70's wrap skirt. With the help of two very enthusiastic stall holders, I got wrapped and tucked and tied into it. Wouldn't you know it, jacket and skirt looked like they'd been made for each other:

The stall holder had never put the two together, but once she saw them both on me she knocked 50% off the skirt. Happy days! So it looks like I have a new 50's looking outfit for the office Christmas dinner this Friday night for the princely sum of $27.

I just love hunting for a bargain!


Anonymous said...

The palm tree print is so adorable. The tablecloth makes a perfect skirt! Awesome buys :D

Imelda Matt said...

Indeed these are happy days!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Ohhh what a fabulous outfit!!
I am yet to visit the camberwell markets, I must do so when i'm in Melbourne next!

♥ fashion chalet said...

pretty red dress :)


a cat of impossible colour said...

Great combination! :D

Miss_Red said...

too cute! I love the palm trees, and such a bargain too

The Paper Doll said...

Wow what a great find, I love the colour!!

Velour said...

Well hello m'lady. I managed to find your blog, and what a delight it is!

I love the skirt, marvelous find.

Do stop by again soon =)