Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving All You Can Give

I adore Christmas. I put it down to the wonderful childhood memories I have of this time of year.

The smell of pine needles indoors, big family get togethers, excited children, long lunches and longer dinners. Delicious food everywhere. What's not to love?

Waking up on Christmas morning to see all the lovingly wrapped gifts under the tree was always a highlight as a child. Giving and receiving presents is, lets face it a whole lot of fun.

But now that I'm all grown up, my take on Christmas is slightly different.

While not wealthy by any stretch, I am comfortable. I have a roof over my head and cupboards of food. I have a close, loving family and a wonderful group of friends. I don't want for anything in my life. I don't need more stuff.

So while giving and receiving gifts is still part of my treasured Christmas routine, I no long buy lavish gifts. This year each member of my family will receive a small, inexpensive gift plus a donated gift, in their name, from one of these charities:

So, I'm just putting this out there. I'm not a perfect person by any means, but I do know how truly lucky I am and this is just my small way of sharing the Christmas love.



The Paper Doll said...

Yay, i'm so glad other people are pushing for those kinds of presents!! I've been pushing for people to go to the oxfam unwrapped site on my blog to buy presents for those that really need them. Its an amazing site and you can buy things for as little as $5 (i think that buys you soap or condoms) right up to $260 which can buy a family a calf, you get given a gift card you can give to your friends and family and what ever it was you bought goes straight to needy families in third world countries.

Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea there - having a small gift in addition to a donation. It really is the best of both worlds!

Too Many Shoes said...

I had enormous fun telling everyone in my office that I bought a dozen chickens this morning :)