Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashionable Foundations

Hello Kittens

Thank you all so much for the lovely well-wishes in relation to my last post! I was pleased to read that you are still interested in how I am going to move through this next exciting stage of my life whilst trying to remain somewhat stylish.

Let me tell you - it's been a bit of a challenge (but more of that later...)!

But first things first darlings. I am happy to report that I am embracing my changing shape and revelling in my newly acquired curves.

Now as every stylish gel knows, the secret to looking great and feeling comfortable is great foundation garments.

I've found the perfect solution to VPL during pregnancy. I give you:

Spanx Power Mama Panties! (click to make image larger)

No VPL under clingy jersey dresses and a special panel to allow your bump to grow.

You can purchase online here.

Now I admit, they're not particularly alluring. In fact, they are rather frumpy to look at, but that is the point. They are virtually invisible under your clothes and therefore perfect. It's not as if I am in any danger of a Bridget Jones moment of a new paramour discovering them whilst fumbling around during a passionate encounter...

However, I do have the appropriate solution for that kind of situation:

In the not-too distant past, pregnant women were not seen as glamorous - heaven forbid anyone consider them as sexual human beings (ponder the irony....)!

I give you maternity underwear for women who like to look good in their trousseau:

Hot Milk:

Likely to get any Valentine's heart racing...