Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridal Belles

Hello Kittens

I'm off to be married tomorrow and then Mr VV is whisking me away overseas for our honeymoon, so I'll be gone for a couple of weeks.

In the mean time, here are some classic vintage brides for you to enjoy.

See you in a month!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Channelling Mad Men - The Secretarial Pool

I have firmly caught the Mad Men bug, especially now that it is available on free to air TV in Australia (8.30pm Thursday nights, SBS).
Here is my homage to the secretarial pool:
Black pencil skirt - so old I can't remember where it came from. White polyester (I know... I know...) sheer blouse thrifted from Hunter Gatherer eons ago.
As always the devil (and charm) is in the details. The micro-pleat texture never needs pressing (purfect for this Kitten, who lacks any skill with an iron) and ruffles on each sleeve is mirrored in the high neckline too.

The decorative button and bow detail on the front ties in nicely with the functional buttons down the back.

All I need now is a note pad and pen.... take a letter Miss Verve....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stop Staring! Ok, You Can Look!

As per my previous post, last Sunday I got together with some wonderful Australian bloggers to meet, share blogging tips and tricks and have just a jolly good afternoon.
I pulled out a dress that I have only worn once to the races a couple of years ago and decided it needed another outing. From the US label Stop Staring Clothing, this dress has a vintage 50's look, with modern fabric and detailing. The bengaline fabric has just the right amount of stretch to be both flattering and supremely comfortable.

Slightly over-exposed photo, but a good indication of the 'new look' shape of this dress.
I love the opportunity to wear my crinoline (petticoat). Click to make all my images larger Kittens.

Neckline and tie/button detail

Bright red lips were the order of the day!
I'm only posting this photo because if you look carefully, you'll see a butterfly flitted past just as the shot was taken. Can you see it?

Stop Staring make some really lovely vintage reproduction dresses, which is very handy if you, like me, are not strictly a vintage purist. As I am not a collector of museum pieces, I see nothing wrong with altering a vintage piece to suit or fit me better. Clothing is (IMHO), after all, meant to be worn.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet Me In Melbourne

Well Melbourne certainly turned on all its charm for the Meet Me in Melbourne Bloggerati get together at Federation Square yesterday afternoon.

It was a great opportunity to get together, talk fashion, blogging, inspiration and to generally just share the love!

It was, let me tell you Kittens, a very stylish turn out too. In attendance:

Lady Melbourne
Angela See Angela Blogg
The boys from NuffNang
Circa Vintage Clothing
Fashion Hayley
Ink and Leather (all the way from Canberra!)
Poppet Vintage
Lady Smaggle
Sea of Ghosts
Super Kawaii Mama
Yours truly with Super Kawaii Mama, sending our respects to Imelda (photo courtesy of Sea of Ghosts)

David from NuffNang and Fashion Hayley

SKM, Ink and Leather and gorgeous Lady Smaggle

AusStyle, Poppet, Sea of Ghosts and Angela See, Angela Blog.

Details of Jules, from Poppet Vintage's dress. Her dress was soooo cute (sigh, if only I had the legs for it.....). Good news for you Kittens - Jules will be making more of these divine little dresses for her shop very soon!

Unfortunately my camera battery died after only a couple of happy snaps, but I'll post more of my outfit shots shortly...stay tuned.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Very Vintage Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding!

C'mon Kittens - admit it. Every time you see a car hood adorned with ribbon you hope to catch a glimpse of a bride on her big day as the car sails by. You crane your neck when you see a happy couple having their "candid" photos done on the beach or in the park with their various attendants traipsing along behind them, bouquets in hand.

The most interesting thing I find about weddings is the fashion. Of the guests and bridal party alike. Pick up any of the massive bible-thick tomes dedicated to selling the marriage day dream and you will see interesting interpretations of what to wear on "the biggest day of your life" (well for most, it is only the biggest day so far Kittens, remember that...).

What's in vogue now may not be what our grandmothers wore, but ever since Queen Victoria chose a white gown that was specifically intended to only be worn on her wedding day, Western brides around the world have followed suit.

White silk gown circa 1910

Silk Damask gown circa 1946

Groom Wears RAF uniform, circa 1947 (don't you just love their happy expressions and all the confetti?)

Hand crocheted gown circa 1972 (check out the fab velvet bow tie and white suit on the groom!)

For me, with my adoration of Dior's "New Look", I just love the modern reproductions and interpretations:

The original:

Audrey Hepburn, 1954

The Modern Reproduction:

Dolly Couture "Milan Dress" 2009

All these photos got me thinking.... Did you or would you wear your mother, grandmother or other female relative's gown on your own wedding day? Why or why not? Should the day be a pure reflection of the couple's own style and taste, or is there room for family tradition or sentimentalilty?

I want to know what you think Kittens.