Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedged In

What a weekend the people of Melbourne have just had! I had all sorts of grand plans to bring you pictures of my adventures in the CBD on Saturday (cute lane ways, shops in mosaic and cobblestoned malls), but alas the wind, rain and hail conspired against me :( Maybe another time. I did manage to go to The Way We Wear vintage clothing fair on Sunday afternoon, but the gorgeous Super Kawaii Mamma has described it much better than I ever could, so read all about it here.

Today is a lesson in comfort and style. I give you:

The Wedge:
The main benefit of this style of shoe is the extra height it bestows upon the wearer, without much of the associated pain directed into the ball of the foot. If the shoe is a true wedge - where the whole sole touches the ground from heal to toe tip, the wearer's weight is shared across the length of the foot rather than focusing it on the ball. Ouchy!
The best thing about this style of heel, is the range of styles it comes in!
From the extra special statement shoe:

Right through to ones you can wear to smarten up a more conservative outfit:

I have at least five pairs of wedges in my wardrobe as they are just sooo comfy and even though I am a reasonably tall girl (around 5ft 10") I just love to wear heels where ever I can! These allow me to stand for longer than when wearing traditional high heeled shoes.

Although not strictly within the bounds of fashion etiquette (Shhh, lest I be scolded by Lady Melbourne) as I am wearing patent leather before 5pm, my Midas wedges pictured above are my new favorite way to show off my pedicure. I think even LM would approve.



Miss_Red said...

I love wedges too, they really are much more comfortable than regular heels! I love the black and gold ones in the first pic, very stylish indeed!
Also I have passed on a blogging award to you - in my latest post :)

Too Many Shoes said...

I also wore a pair to the races this year - purrrfect for walking on grass and being on your feet sipping Champagne all day!

Thank you for the award Bella

x mwah!