Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secretary's Day Out

While I am not exactly a secretary by profession, I so love the secretary blouse. There is something eminently genteel about heels, a pencil skirt and blouse with ruffles. Don't you think?

I also happen to be a great fan of pearls. I've discovered over the years that you are either a pearl girl or not. Thankfully I fall in the former category. These small fresh water drop earrings were a gift from my lovely sister as part of my bride-slave outfit for her wedding years ago and I still wear them all the time.

This little pink number has three quarter sleeves and the most divine ruffle down the front. The ruffle is in two parts, a bit like a tie, with one straight part that you cross over the front of the neckline and folds into a loop at the side (see second picture above).

I found it through eBay via an American seller.
My shoes are from the current range at Wittner called "Lady" and feature a closed toe with ankle strap. The heels are quite tall at 10cm, so I won't be running for the tram in them (not very lady like any way!), but I find them comfortable enough to sit at my desk and move around the office at work.


dixiestravels said...

Funny you should mention pearls, today of all days. I've got the whole 'trifecta of pearls' happeneing.... bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Unfortunately I cannot claim to having the secretary blouse. Perhaps a challenge for me for another day.

Lux said...

Love the blouse such a lovely soft color and sits beautifully. ... i to am a pearl girl :)

Miss_Red said...

Beautiful blouse, such an unusual neckline. I also fall into the pro-pearls party, there's no better finishing touch to an outfit IMO :)

Too Many Shoes said...

Dixie I must confess that pearls also feature very heavily in most of what I wear!

Thank you Miss Red. The secretary blouse can be a bit hit and miss. One of my darling friends finds this particular one quite frightning.

Too Many Shoes said...

Thank you Lux, it looks like I've found some kindred spirits in the pearl department!