Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cocktails & Cupcakes

I had the most divine afternoon on Saturday, spending a few hours with some of Melbourne's premier female fashion bloggers.

We shared stories, laughter, ideas and our experiences regarding blogging and how to keep things interesting!

The unpredictable Melbourne weather had me in a spin as I flitted between a lovely light cotton tea-dress or a warmer, high waisted skirt and jacket. In the end, the warmer outfit won and in true Melbourne fashion, on arrival at our stylish venue (complete with faux grass and waiters in tennis gear) the clouds gave way to brilliant sunshine. Oh well. My tea dress will keep for another sunny day!

I had such a lovely time in the company of women who were all so different, so stylish and so talented. I highly recommend you drop by the blogs of each - they give a multi-layered perspective of how diverse Melbourne is. They each add unique colour to the rainbow of style found in and around our city:

Lady Melbourne & Super Kawaii Mama

Circa Vintage, Fashion Hayley Hits Home, Peeptoes & Pedicures, AusStyle

Super Kawaii Mama, Esme & the Laneway, Porcelain Blonde

Esme & the Laneway with Ditta Von Tesse's new book

The always glamorous Super Kawaii Mama

Stylish Stockings of Esme & The Laneway

The perfectly shod feet of Porcelain Blonde

Fashion Hayley doing what she does best!



diamondsinchampagne said...

Oh how I wish I was able to join all you lovely ladies.
Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Miss_Red said...

It was lovely to meet you too! What a fabulous and stylish day :)
I really loved your pearls and of course that darling brooch!

honey and lemon said...

looks like it was a great day.
what great style

Anonymous said...

Oh you ladies look absolutely stunning here! I do wish I was able to attend but my silly cold kept me at home all weekend :(

A dreamer said...

It was such a great day. Nice to meet you to! And hope to see you at more bloggy meetings!

Imelda Matt said...

LOL...I've just noticed this post is filed as 'good clean fun', had Imelda there things might have gotten a little dirrrty!

Too Many Shoes said...

Diamondsinchampagne, next time perhaps you will be down south so you can join us!

Honey and Lemon, it was a lovely day.

Miss Karen, we missed you. I'm sorry to hear about your cold. I perscribe chocolate for the pain and Champagne for the hell of it. Stat!

Dreamer, I was so glad you could come, here's to the next one!

Imelda, A Despotic Queen such as yourself would have brought a touch of debauchery without a doubt. Perhaps next time?

esme and the lane way said...

It was so good to meet you. What a great afternoon! Hope we can do it again...

Anonymous said...

Haha theres my shoes! I love your photos, you captured all the action :)

It was lovely to meet you too darling. You looked very vampy in your red and pearls!

Heres to more blog meets :) xxx