Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day Time Sequins?

Now, I'm not too sure if I've made a fashion faux pas. Today I wore sequins to the office:

I do believe I got away with it as they weren't the bright shinny bling type of sequins and hopefully the simple tunic they are attached to looks a million miles away from being a victim of a "Bedazzler".

It has a pretty Mandarin collar that dips down into a modest open v neckline, which I find perfect for showing off a nice piece of jewelery.

My shoes have some floral details to give them a feminine flourish (not that I've seen many heels with a masculine one...) but best of all, their soft pink tone puts them into the 'neutral' category which means they can pretty much be worn with any outfit one chooses to sling on in the morning.

So what do you think? Should one avoid sequins during daylight hours? Perhaps you are a Magpie like me who just loves bright and shiny things and says "to hell with convention - I like it and I'm gonna wear it!"
A-Joy Sequin Tunic - Unique in Acland St St Kilda (ages ago)
Portmans trousers - My sister's hand me down
Shoes - eBay
Silver Coral pendant and matching earings - Christmas gift from my boy.


diamondsinchampagne said...

If the whole top was covered in sequins I would say definatley too much. But I think that top is totally fine for day time wear.
Love the shape of the collar!

LexieBoo said...

No way is it too much bella! You look gorgeous - your taste is never in question in my book (0:

check out Lexie's blog !!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging community! You're a fabulous addition and after having a little read, I can already say I love your style...very elegant and ladylike and chic :)

I'm a big fan of pearls too and a shameless magpie. If it's shiny, chances are I like it, so I certainly think sequins are doable for day!

May I link you darling?

Too Many Shoes said...

Thank you Diamonds, I agree with your less is more in this regard!

Lexieboo, you are too kind! You are such a stylish fashionista yourself! I can't wait to check out Lexie's blogg.

Porcelain Blonde, I would be delighted if you linked me! I love your sense of style too and shall add you to my blogg roll straight away.

Miss_Red said...

Not too much at all, a small detail of sequins if perfectly fine for day. Lovely muted colours in this outfit and the shoes are really cute

Lady Melbourne said...

I think you look fabulous, but if you want to follow fashion etiquette rules then I would definitely not wear sequins before 5pm. Same goes for patent leather(but I break that rule all the time!)

Too Many Shoes said...

Miss Red, the muted tone of the sequin is what made me think I'd get away with it - although I have been known to wear ballet flats covered in green sequins on Casual Fridays!

LM, I know you are right... but I do agree: it is such fun breaking the rules sometimes. I'm thinking about my favorite pair of patent leather wedge peep toes that get a regular day-time airing...