Monday, April 20, 2009

Every Girl Deserves: Red Shoes

Don't you just love statement shoes? I've posted before on my love of them. Without a doubt, I think that a pair of red shoes has the power to lift, not only your entire ensemble, but your confidence and mood. Red shoes say "I have flair, style AND the confidence to pull them off" plus, I have never, EVER heard a single person say anything negative about any of the four pair I personally own and wear.

I think we all need a few more Dorothy moments in our lives!
Here are my newest additions:

Red patent leather, kitten heels and bling! What's not to love?
What are your "statement" pieces and how do you style them? Share your thoughts with me Kittens.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love how 'bling' they are! Very 'there's no place like home'.

My statement peice of right now are my Louboutin Mad Marys. HAHA what a coincidence that you asked, I just did a post about styling them! I've only worn them once to contrast my all white outfit to LMFF.


Rosie Unknown said...


Fashion Hayley said...

Very pretty. I love red shoes too.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Yes they most certainly do! Statement shoes are my favourite accessorie, especially because I wear quite simple and classic outfits most the time.
the colour of your shoes are divine, I adore the crystal bow. Great buy

Vintage_Bride said...

Hey, I just bought a pair of statement shoes for my wedding yesterday - multi purple Steve Madden's. I have the shoes before the dress!!

Anonymous said...

I think that red heels are the sexiest shoe a woman can wear, and I'm into guys!

I think your new heels are delightful :D

My statement pieces tend to be dress shirts - I have quite a collection and I especially love French Cuffs. My favourite way to style them is worn with a sweatter and the cuffs folded back; I've commented recently that it makes me feel like backhanding someone, but in a good way :/


Hammie said...

Heaven! they would brighten even the dullest day. Have you ever tried them with denim - maybe in a pedal pusher cut?

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

That shade of patent red is absolutely breathtaking!

Hillary said...

Looking so adorable and delightful nature shoes. I love the crystal bow.