Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elegantly Waisted - A Vintage Vixens Secret Weapon

As a curvy girl, I am forever being thwarted from wearing many authentic vintage pieces as I am unfortunately many (sigh...many) inches away from a 26 inch waist. So, I have a secret weapon that I am going to share with you.
Late last year I purchased this little number from What Katie Did:
The "Dorothy" underbust corset has a steel busk (the metal hook and loops at the front) and steel boning sewn into the lining. It pulls tight with strong nylon lacing at the back and can reduce your waist by up to 4 inches. That's right Kittens - 4 INCHES!!
Now since I purchased my corset I have lost a little weight and it a little on the big side now, particularly under the bust, but it is still very wearable under both vintage and modern dresses.
The pink gingham print makes it almost too pretty to hide under clothing, but it has yet to venture out over the top of a crisp white shirt. I always seem to lose my nerve to use it as outerwear!
I just love the way it defines my waist and gives me killer curves a la Joan Holloway.
Do you have a secret weapon to help you with your look? Whisper it in my ear.... it'll stay between you and me Kittens!


Da Bourz said...

Great Post !! Now for sure when we'll finallt meet again I'll bring the camera and we'll do some very nice and classy fashion photos !

Kisses from Paris.

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, 4 inches is a lot! Is it comfortable?

Emer said...

I'd love a piec from WKD, but they're sooo out of my price range! But that print is adorable!

Emer said...

Ahem--that should say "piece."

Vintage Verve said...

Stefan, I can't wait!

EATLW, It takes a couple of wears to get used to it (start off with a couple of hours and then extend the ammount of time with each wear), but I can wear mine under a work dress without problems for around 10 hours so far.

Emer, this one was from a discontinued line so I got a great price.

faddict said...

Wow, that corset it absolutely gorgeous, I think you should be brave and wear it as outerwear occasionally, it's too pretty to hide all the time! Is it uncomfortable or are you so used to it that you forget you have it on?

Adela said...

that is one amazing corset!!!

Atomic Mama said...

I love WKD, their stuff is so yummy looking!

I want one of their onesie girdles :)
ahhh someday!

Vintage_Bride said...

Verve, 4 inches is great. Does the lace-up bulk out your clothes? Being a curvy gal myself I'm not sure whether to go the corset or a girdle. What do you think?

Vintage Verve said...

Hi Girls.. Thanks for stopping by!

You're right, it is such a pretty piece. I need to get on the hunt for a nice crisp white shirt to go with it.

I pretty much forget that I am wearing it after a short period of time.

Vintage Bride, the lacing does tend to bulk up in the spot where it is tied, but a proper corset works better for me to pull in my waistline. I think the choice between a girdle and corset is very individual. I think that you need to be more careful in terms of sizing with a corset.

Hammie said...

oh yes! put it over a white shirt, or under a bolero cardi soon.


Hammie said...

Whoops, sorry. I wear walford spanx things that come up to my eyebrows and down to my knees. And those little cream filled bra boosters that are more discreet and natural than chicken fillets. And even I am surprised at my rack when I have em in!