Friday, April 3, 2009


Covet (v) To desire strongly.

I have no real needs (material or otherwise) that are not met. I am however human and therefor I want things.

Sometimes they are treasures:

(First Edition of Rebecca)

Sometimes they are frivolous:

(Christian Louboutins in every colour please!)

Sometimes they are incredibly unlikely:

66cm waist (That's 26" for my non-metric readers)

...and sometimes they are very simple:

(a nice, hot cup of tea)

This week, I finally procured something I have been coveting for quite some time (stay tuned for more details), but I wanted to ask you Kittens:

What do you covet? Has it been a long love affair? Is it something you've seen recently? Is the object of you heart's desire not an object at all? Tell me all!


Emer said...

I covet a 26-inch waist too! ;0) My greatest desire would be to afford classic designer items (Chanel purse, D&G sunglasses, Prada loafers) and a closet big enough to house them all. And I love those gorgeous shoes you pictured.

BTW, (I posted this in my comments section too) you may absolutely win that constest. If you are in a different region for DVDs, just let me know and I will find your choice for your region!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg please tell me where I can buy that black dress!!! Please please please, I need it!

I have been coveting a Chanel pearl necklace

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I'm with Emer, who doesn't covert a 26-inch waist!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh how i covet all the time, lots and lots of things - mostly chocolate and beautiful vintage pieces to fill my wardrobe, talents that i don't possess and sunshine all the time!

Anonymous said...

Right now I am coveting some good health, but.. a beautiful felted tea cozy, a lovely japanese tea set, some matcha tea, a fringe trim, a tattoo.

Emily said...

I constantly covet everything Proenza Schouler has ever made, Robin Finck, dark chocolate, and good electronic music.

I really love your blog! Trade links?

Vintage Verve said...

Oh Emer and Imelda Matt - imagine the gorgeous little vintage numbers we could squeeze into!

Diamonds - I believe I may have pilfered that LBD long ago from eBay during one of my many hours spent trawling...

PLP - I know what you mean about talents you wish you had. I wish I could sing better (I like to sing in the house when there is no-one there but me and the Puppy-cat).

Anon - I hope you feel better soon. There's only one thing for it: Chocolate (you know, for the pain!)

Emily - Thanks for stopping by. I'll add you to my Fashionista Sistas blog roll right away.

xx VV

Rosina Lee said...

Hello Lovely lady, I have tagged you for '7 things you may not know about me'. Sorry if you have done it before!. Have a great day

AusAnna said...

expensive scarves. is all i want a collection of hermes scarves,
oh the joy

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh that dress!! and that WAIST!! Yikes!! I'm currently coveting that sized waist as I have a dress of a very similar size (well basically too small) that I'm dying to fit into for a special occasion coming up and I just don't see it happening. Darn 50's figures!! Find me a corset!!

I love reading about what people desire!!
Have a peachy day :)

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, the book looks amaaaaaazing... as does the cup of tea.

Today I covet a nice Victorian mansion somewhere in the inner north, complete with old floral wallpaper, floorboards, perhaps lead light windows, and while I'm at it, an attic. I don't ask for much, do I? ;)

And a pair of grey ankle boots too! :D

Simply said...

I really love this blog. The dress is beautiful.