Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tea For Two

Happy New Year Kittens!

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I have been rather caught up with Christmas, holidays and celebrations (but more of that later) !
And, wouldn't you know it.... as soon as I return to the office, brilliant sunshine streams down a lovely 29 degrees! I suspect that many are still on holidays, judging by the lack of traffic and the quietness of my phone, not that I'm complaining!
But I digress.... the gorgeous Melbourne summer has arrived and so it's time to break out the comfortable cotton Tea Dress:
I've been told that bold prints are de rigueur at the moment and I love the 50's style of this Vintage reproduction dress that I found at Velour in St Kilda (where the delightful Trish Hunter Finds works).

The cross over sweetheart neckline, the pleats in the full skirt and wide waist band make it comfortable and very easy to dress either up or down:
Those of you with an eagle eye may have noticed a brand new "addition" to my left hand in the first photo.... let me know if you require details!


Lady Melbourne said...

Very sweet dress, the colours are so interesting. What shoes do you wear with it? The possibilites are endless!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, how exciting. Details, please! :D

And the dress is gorgeous, what a cool print.

Happy New Year!

Vintage Verve said...

LM, with this dress I always opt for nutral coloured heels. I've got at least 2 pairs at my disposal for those hard to match outfits. I will have to do a shoe post very soon!

Cat of Impossible Colour: yes indeed! It was very exciting and most unexpected. My inner magpie is VERY satisfied :) Deets: white gold, one princess cut set in a band that has 12 smaller inlaid stones. I'll send you a pic


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! The print on your sundress looks so pretty.

And your left hand?! Exciting! Congratulations :) xxx

trishhunterfinds said...

Yess! I knew it was that one! I love that line of dresses. I've eyed off the black version a few times. They're so flattering!
Thankyou for the mention too! It's always lovely seeing my name in someone else's blog! :)
Have a lovely week until I see you next!

Vintage Verve said...

Porcelain Blonde - the print reminds me of Paris, without the cliched Eiffel Tower (not that I don't love the Eiffel Tower) and thank you for your congratulations!

Trish - Tis my pleasure Bella, I always try to link when ever I am discussing people or places that I think people might find interesting! Hopefully next time we run into each other I won't have a horrible cold and you won't be so busy!

x VV

Anonymous said...

Oh your dress is just gorgeous! And my oh my if that is what I think it is then Congratulations!! :D

WendyB said...

Beautiful dress.

Miss_Red said...

wow, the colours and apttern on that dress are truly stunning. What a fabulous find

Vintage Verve said...

Miss Karen, thank you - and yes, I am very excited about my impending change from Ms to Mrs!

Thanks too Wendy and Miss Red. I think this number will be getting a good run this summer!

Imelda Matt said...

There's only one word 'congratulations' for both da ring and the vintage print :)