Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

There are lots of classic designers of beautiful vintage clothing but there are a couple that I just love. One of those is Alfred Shaheen of Hawaii. Shaheen was famous for his stunning prints that were all made in his self built Oahu printing workshop and his designs of men's and woman's clothing were made by seamstress trained by his mother. From humble beginnings, Alfred became one of the most creative and prolific manufacturers in the post WW2 fashion boom.

Some of you may know of the gorgeous eBay store, Whirling Turban who base many of their reproduction styles on his designs from the 50's & 60's.

When I first saw this dress I knew I had to have it. The halter neck that buttons at the neck with three self covered buttons. The low back, the wrap around tie at the waist, the beautiful rose print (with famous "Shaheen" signature) and maxi style skirt it screamed "love me all summer long". I jumped at the chance to snap it up. Ok, so it was a little on the small side, but lately this Vintage Vixen has been a very good kitty kat and as a result it fits now (cue applause please).

I've tried to capture the low back that is attached to the belt that wraps around to the front:

I was so excited to see that it came with rare matching shawl, so rare that these two high quality pieces have not only survived beautifully, but have not been separated.


trishhunterfinds said...

Oh what a FABULOUS dress!!! WOW!!
Oh you're lucky you suit red, I just don't seem to suit it. Ah well.

Thankyou for the email invite.
As soon as I recieved it, I opened my diary with all my fingers crossed hoping it wasn't on one of my working sundays, but.... it is :(
But it's got me even more determined to get there myself, so I'm hassling my Dad to take me.
When I asked him he said 'Sounds horrible, but I'll have fun bagging everything' haha. So hopefully that will work out.
I can't wait till I get my licence. I will be everywhere!

Some Like it Vintage said...

That is such a beautiful Shaheen dress, it is making me feel like going on a tropical holiday right now as it's super cold here in Canada!!


Emer Ireland said...

::applauding your good behavior:: I love that huge rose on the skirt! Dreamy!

Vintage Verve said...

Trish, I am very excited about wearing this number.... it's a bit of a show-stopper. don't worry, I'm sure there will be other adventures we can have together.

Some Like It Vintage - it reached 40 degrees celcius here today in Melbourne. Come and visit!

Thank You Emer Ireland *does a curtsey* got a bit of a journey ahead, but all signs are good!

bridechic said...

I really like reading your blog. Especially adore your Vargas Girl in the header photo

WendyB said...