Monday, March 23, 2009

Urban Hyms - Melbourne Laneways at Night

On Friday night, I joined some friends and headed into the city to enjoy a Vodka lime and soda (or three)at a style of establishment Melbourne is famous for: the Lane way Bar.

Although Melbourne is neatly set out in a very handy grid formation, this is embellished with a network of lane ways that interconnect, criss cross, lead off each other and sometimes just have a dead end.

We decided to head to The Croft Institute, located on Croft Alley. Finding it and getting there is half the fun, as you head away from the well lit main drag, down dark cobblestone paved lane ways, the walls festooned with spray paint and stencil art that cut through the gloom:

Just when you think you've made a wrong turn (as you pass rubbish laden skips and the back doors of restaurant kitchens), you see a dimly lit sign, high above a doorway, at the back of a dead end:

It's the sort of place you find when you are with someone has been before. Which makes it perfect for an uncrowded lounge around with drink in hand. While the decor is a little spooky (look out for the chemistry sets and strange beakers on display), the booths are comfortable and the staff quick to dispense your chosen poison.

Verdict? Great spot (once you can find it) to spend a quintessential Melbourne Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Friends took me down that very laneway in December - I hadn't been before so I found it quite full on :)
Love your pics of the art, it's the best bit I think. (can you tell I don't drink alcohol, ha!?)
<3 xxx

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, it looks awesome!! Especially the art :)

Hammie said...

oooo, I am very jealous.
I had to learn the melbourne grid to go on a school excursion in 1993, when I lived in Ballarat. Never forgot it. Of course it is useless when you move to Sydney and someone keeps putting water all over the place to confuse you.....

the laneway is so hot right now.

Velour said...

Ohh excuse my late reply, i'm still getting the hang of all this!
Your blog is looking marvelous I must say.
The fur trimmed wonder awaits you yes, alongside a whole bunch of equally as delightful pieces to swoon over.
Hope to see you on the weekend/soon!

50sgal said...

Looks like a fun night out and a great spot!

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

Makes me long to return home...thankfully I be in town after easter.