Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Blog Crush - Lady Melbourne

I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful blogs that initiated my own interest in blogging and continue to inspire me.
Lady Melbourne is a fabulous mix of style and fun. Not only is she in tune with what's happening in my gorgeous home town (and her namesake) but with her fashion writing and connections she's also across the movers and shakers here in Australia and Internationally.
From the Lady Melbourne blog:
Phoebe is a freelance journalist with a background in fashion design. She hails from her namesake city but has travelled the world and lived in Sydney and London. After running her own label for 7 years, she now focuses her time on the pages you are about to read, and freelance writing assignments.
LM does all her own styling and photography, is generous with her time for other bloggers and her readers too. Plus she really knows how to find a bargain and style it all so perfectly.
If she isn't already on your must read list, I highly recommend you follow her today.
Have a gorgeous weekend, Kittens!


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