Monday, February 16, 2009

Warning - Gratuitious Shoe P0rn Post

My new shoes arrived in the post from Zu today and I love love love them.

Here are the reasons why:
  • They are electric blue
  • They are velvet
  • The heels are covered in matching blue satin
  • They have satin bows on the backs
  • They are peep toes
  • They have a hidden platform to make them easier to wear
  • They are MINE :)
That is all...


thevintageyear said...

they are lovely :)

Retromodgirl said...

Those are breathtakingly beautiful!! Wear them with pride!

Vintage Verve said...

There's nothing quite like 'statement' shoes to jazz up an outfit. The only question remains.... what colour should I put on my tootsies?

Emer said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the little bow on the back!

a cat of impossible colour said...


Lady Melbourne said...

Darling I don't even own them and I love them!!!
If you wake up one morning and you can't find them......;)

AusAnna said...

haha i love it, i love new shoe love. its the best feeling. they are good shoes. x

Vintage Verve said...


It's been a couple of days since they arrived and they are still on my feet today. Nothing like breaking in a new pair of shoes in the office for an excuse to wear them every day.... that's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohh they are divine darling!
They have many of my shoe weakness's - bows, peeptoe, platform <3

How cute you're a Doris :) I can totally see it in your outgoing and enthusiastic, fun personality. xxx

Anonymous said...

LOVE! <3

They I love the bow detail on the heel and the fact that they are velvet and blue velvet at that!

Cannot wait to see how you style them.


Vintage Verve said...

Porcelain Blonde, they are rather special! I loved that little quiz on your blog - such fun.

Grant, I have a rather big event coming up that will require me to wear "something blue".... I can't say much more, but hopefully there will be good photos!

Miss_Red said...

Looooovely! What a fabulous colour and you know I love a good pair of peeptoes ;)

Vintage Verve said...

Miss Red, you are indeed the Queen of Peeptoes! So glad you like them.