Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spring Racing Advice - Keep Yourself Nice, Kittens

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is in full swing Kittens! I just love this time of year.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to the track this year, I have some advice to help get you through the long days and subsequently long festive nights in tip top shape.

Rule number one Kittens: Nightclub wear is NOT appropriate race wear. Decorum and etiquette go hand in hand. Remember, this is a day time event - try to head more in the feminine, pretty direction, rather than man-eating vamp direction. Less is definitely not more.

2. Colour is your friend. There is nothing wrong with the classic black and white ensemble (after all, B&W is the traditional theme for Derby Day), but this is a great opportunity to to let colours show off your skin tone:

Sigh. I just adore Nicolangela dresses (above).

3. Be prepared! Keep bandaids, Hollywood tape, tampons and aspirin in your purse. Generously offer them to others 'caught short' during the day.

4. Check the weather report well in advance. Don't freeze to death for the sake of fashion and for heaven's sake - wear sunscreen all over lest your shoulders and back end up matching your garish hat/sash/shoes:

(I have nothing nice to say regarding these ensembles, so I shall remain silent...)

5. (and this is a big one) EAT as well as drink. Imbibe H2O as well as the free flowing champagne.

You'll not only feel better the next morning, but you'll also avoid scenes such as the wreck below:

Not a good look Kittens. Not a good look at all.

Finally, rule 6. Think about your shoes. Try not to trial brand new ones that slice through your tender tootsies after an hour's wear. Wedges are ideal for standing on grass and there are many choices available this season. If you cannot get the right colour to match your accessories go for a neutral or nude colour - these will go with everything in your wardrobe and keep you looking nice long after the last race is run and the last train home has pulled away from the station.

What are your tips for keeping your self nice during the racing season?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Way We Were - Vintage Magazines

A little while ago, I came across quite a magnificent find: an original copy of The Australian Home Journal from 1954! (click on the images to make them larger)
I just adore real vintage magazines. They are a true snapshot of not only the fashions of the day, but of the societal attitudes and cultural norms - so fascinating!

This one edition contained so many interesting stories, articles and advertisements that I want to share with you, kittens, that I have decided to do a series of posts on the "Way we were" topic.

The magazine was also a reinforcement of the fashion cycle theory - that past era styles come back into fashion every so often and that some are always in vogue (and thus, 'classics').

For example: The shirt dress:
First seen in the 1940's the shirt dress has been a staple fashion classic ever since. Above, we see the 1954 take, including the belted waist and flared skirt, as well as a more tailored look.

Here are two examples of the modern shirt dress, from Spiegels in the US and Dorothy Perkins from the UK.

What styles do you think never go out of fashion, Kittens?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spring Trend Alert - It's all below deck...

Now, if you are like me, you are starting to think about this year's Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, and more to the point, studiously observing the latest trends to incorporate into your look.

One thing I have noticed is the emphasis on statement shoes and legs. Observe:
Bright red with polka dots on dark legs and Mary-Janes with bobby socks! I loved that gorgeous petti-skirt in contrasting royal blue too.
Diamante studded wedges with patterned stockings (I am still undecided about the open toes with stockings look - what do you think?)

Another fantastic example of statement pins! I just love these stockings - fishnets with roses!

More Mary-Janes with bobby socks. You can get those delicious Vivienne Westwoods here.

Creating interest in one's legs is never a bad thing Kittens!

What's your Spring trend?